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How do your products embed in a workflow?

April 6, 2021
  • Funding agency
    In a funding agency workflow, ripeta tools review how data management, data sharing, and open science policies are implemented in practice. Looking across a corpus of full-text articles published with funding from a particular agency (or sub-office), Ripeta extracts our key responsible reporting indicators and provides critical information about how funded researchers implement open policies.
  • Publishers
    Our tools can be embedded in a couple of places in a publisher’s workflow, but we customize this to best fit your workflow and priorities for publishing the highest quality research.
    • Before article submission: We can work with you to create a button and journal submission pipeline within your editorial workflow platform so that the author can automatically check their manuscript before they submit it. 
    • After article submission: Automate your responsible reporting checking by integrating Ripeta tools into your editorial workflow platform. In this scenario, after the manuscript has been submitted, a copy is shared with Ripeta – where our automated tools will check it for key responsible reporting indicators. This check’s results can be sent directly to the authors for improvement, directly to the editors for decision-making, or both. 
    • After publishing: Checking for quality reporting indicators after publication and making those results public will also increase trust in science. We can work with you to ensure the final published paper also has a shareable Ripeta report indicating how its results compare against the quality indicators. 
  • Researchers
    With our chrome extension, researchers can get a ripetaReport for any paper with a DOI.* It’s as easy as downloading our extension from the Chrome Webstore!
    *If you upload to a preprint server, it gets a DOI minted, but there are also private ways to do this.