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What problems do you solve for…?

April 6, 2021
  • Publishers
    The publishers’ goal is to speed up the accuracy of science and to get more citations. Through these automated checks, you can better understand the quality of the papers you are receiving or reviewing. You also have the option to give that information back to the author and to the editors to streamline the process, and in turn, perform better and faster science.
  • Institutions
    Institutions need a way to have better quality research done at a faster speed. Ripeta does this by helping their researchers in the review process with ripetaReview.
  • Funders
    Funders need to understand how their investments work for them and how these policies are put into practice. This can be done in a couple of ways: assessing your portfolio with ripetaReport and helping your researchers by using ripetaReview before they even get published.
  • Researchers
    Researchers do not always know what funders and publishers are checking for in a manuscript. We keep an eye on that so that scientists can keep an eye on their research. We help researchers report higher quality science.