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Trust in Authorship Webinar

May 4, 2021

Ripeta hosted a webinar, “Trust in Authorship,” on the phenomenon of fictitious authorship on April 13 at 11 am CDT. In this webinar moderated by Darrell Gunter, researchers Dr. Leslie McIntosh, Dr. Alison Antes, and Josh Sumner explored cases of fictitious authorship in scientific preprints and discussed the ethical concerns of imposters and impersonators in scholarship.

Dr. McIntosh, Mr. Sumner, and Dr. Antes delved into some of the intentions and motivations behind these false actors as well as the ways in which we can identify them.

For more information on this webinar and supplementary readings, visit our landing page to register and view content here:

Supplementary readings

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Transparently Reported Research: An analysis of Wellcome-funding publications in 2016 and 2019


Leslie McIntosh, PhD
CEO and Founder, Ripeta

Dr. Leslie D. McIntosh is the founder and CEO of Ripeta, a company formed to improve scientific research quality and reproducibility. The company leads efforts in automating quality checks of research manuscripts and is a recipient of funding from Digital Science. She served as the executive director for the Research Data Alliance (RDA) – US region and as the Director of the Center for Biomedical Informatics at Washington University School in St. Louis. Over the past years, Dr. McIntosh has dedicated her work to improving science. Since 2014, this has focused on highlighting the need for reproducible science, then on transparently reporting science, and now on the need to build trust in science. She holds a Masters and PhD in Public Health with concentrations in Biostatistics and Epidemiology from Saint Louis University and a Certificate in Women’s Leadership Forum from Washington University Olin’s School of Business.

Alison Antes, PhD
Assistant Professor, Bioethics Research Center
Co-Director, Professionalism and Integrity in Research Program

Dr. Antes is faculty in the Bioethics Research Center at Washington University School of Medicine in the Division of General Medical Sciences. She teaches courses in research ethics and delivers workshops on the responsible conduct of research for scholars in the Washington University community. She also co-directs the Professionalism and Integrity in Research Program, a national remediation training and coaching program for investigators who are referred for lapses in research compliance or research integrity. Dr. Antes is principal investigator on NIH and NSF-funded grants examining leadership and management of research and ethical decision-making in research. Her research centers on cultivating effective research environments and professional development of researchers to promote rigor and integrity in science.

Dr. Antes is an editorial board member of Accountability in Research, and serves as an ad-hoc reviewer for multiple publications such as Science and Engineering Ethics, Ethics and Behavior, and Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics.

Dr. Antes completed her PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology at the University of Oklahoma, where she focused on cognition, ethical decision-making, and the development and evaluation of research ethics training.

Josh Sumner
Data Scientist

Josh Sumner is a data scientist at Ripeta using R to assist in analyzing data to evaluate research. He graduated from Appalachian State University in May of 2019 with a BS in Strength and Conditioning and a minor in Statistics. Josh is planning to pursue an MS in biostatistics in 2020 and is particularly interested in statistics, its applications in health science, and its role in sports science research.

Darrell Gunter, MBA
Advisor, Sales & Marketing

Darrell, an experienced digital publishing executive, has been at the forefront of major industry initiatives, i.e., Factiva, ScienceDirect, Scopus,, ReviewerFinder, Underline, and Ripeta. In his consulting practice, he has advised many CEOs from startups to the very largest publishers. He is a graduate of Seton Hall University’s W. Paul Stillman School of Business (BS Business Administration- Marketing) and Lake Forest Graduate School of Management (MBA). His column titled “The Innovator’s Saga” appears in The Against The Grain publication. His radio program “Leadership with Darrell W Gunter,” in its 12th season, airs 8:00 am Saturday on WSOU HD 89.5 FM / His previous shows are available on his iTunes Podcast.