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CEO Leslie McIntosh Speaks on Trust in Data at BIO-IT World Conference & Expo

October 18, 2021

Ripeta CEO and Founder, Leslie McIntosh, spoke at the BIO-IT World Conference & Expo on September 21. Dr. McIntosh’s talk centered on transparent research practices and sharing of research data, protocols, and code to solve real world problems in healthcare, the environment, and society. In this talk, she presented some of the systemic issues of trust due to limited checks on scientific integrity, namely issues of research, reproducibility, and professionalism. Dr. McIntosh highlighted case studies which represent the manifestation of these limited checks, and explored some of the ways researchers, publishers, institutions, and funders can recognize and mitigate matters of trust in the future.

BioIT Presentation slides

If you attended the event, you can access the recording through the virtual Pathable platform.