Our Mission

Ripeta’s mission is to assess, design, and disseminate practices and measures to improve the reproducibility of science with minimal burden on scientists. We focus on assessing the quality of reporting and the robustness of the authors and scientific method.

Core Tenets

At Ripeta we believe that the credibility of a paper can be boiled down to three indicators of trust: research, professionalism, and reproducibility. To perform well in all three of these areas, the author must include specific elements which bolster the integrity of their manuscript.


The manuscript should be original research with a clear study objective.


A manuscript should uphold ethical considerations through credible authorship, transparent affiliations, and necessary statements.


The author should share as much relevant data as they can while maintaining the ethical considerations of the study.

Leslie McIntosh, PhD, MPH
Leslie McIntosh, PhD, MPHChief Executive Officer, Founder
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Cynthia Hudson Vitale, MA
Cynthia Hudson Vitale, MACo-Founder
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Mary Uhlmansiek, MA
Mary Uhlmansiek, MABusiness Director
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Mark Brogley
Mark BrogleySales Director
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Ruthie Whittam, MS
Ruthie Whittam, MSLead Data Scientist
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Paola Ortega Saborío
Paola Ortega SaboríoNLP Data Engineer
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Josh Sumner
Josh SumnerData Scientist
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August DeVore Welles, MS
August DeVore Welles, MSScientific Communications Specialist
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Leah Haynes
Leah HaynesData Scientist
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Raquel Miranda
Raquel MirandaData Engineer
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