A DOI is all You Need: Ripeta launches ripetaReview, an Innovative Platform Helping Researchers Publish Better Science.

St. Louis, MO, USA – Ripeta is thrilled to announce the release of the ripetaReview extension on Google Chrome. The Chrome extension quickly scans any research manuscript or article with a DOI for key Open Science, reproducibility, and responsible reporting indicators to ensure trust in research, professionalism, and reproducibility. 

This individual report provides critical feedback to authors, peer reviewers, and editors about the reported science’s robustness and how the reporting and writing could be enhanced. With this tool, researchers can feel confident in the papers they submit to be published, and in the science they report.




  1. Visit the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Search and select ripetaReview.
  3. Click Add to Chrome.
  4. Create a ripetaReview account.
  5. To use ripetaReview, click our logo on the right of the address bar. This will scan your page for readable DOIs.
  6. Select the DOI you would like to review.



Trust in the Research – Is this actual research?

  • Study Objective
  • The study objective is clearly stated.
  • Detailed Methods and Results sections.


Trust in the Reproducibility – Can this paper be replicated for future research?

  • Code Availability Statement, Data Availability Statement (DAS), Data Locations
  • Includes data availability statement and links to the data used.
  • Detailed methods section laid out in the abstract.


Trust in Professionalism – Are the authors behind the study reliable?

  • Ethical Approval Statement, Funding Statement, Section Headings Information
  • More than one author, and all are verified through institution and previous works.
  • Includes a funding statement and all pertaining information.
  • Contains an ethics statement.



Ripeta detects and predicts reproducibility in the scientific research industry through software and analytics development; improving evidence-based science and fiscal efficiency of research investments. It is effectively a ‘credit report’ for scientific publications. Ripeta provides a suite of tools and services to rapidly screen and assess manuscripts for the proper reporting of scientific method components. These tools leverage sophisticated machine-learning and natural language processing algorithms to extract key reproducibility elements from research articles. Visit www.ripeta.com and follow @RipetaReview


Ripeta is a technology company that develops tools and services to rapidly assess the responsible reporting of research. Similar to a financial credit report, which shows the fiscal health of a person, Ripeta shows the reproducibility hygiene of the scientific paper. The Ripeta suite identifies and extracts the key components of full research reporting, thereby drastically shortening and improving the publication process; furthermore, the extraction component of Ripeta’s process makes the methods easily discoverable for future reuse. Ripeta’s portfolio of services and tools includes an API, individual manuscript reports, aggregated reports, consultations, and rankings. Learn more at ripeta.com.




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