When downloading the ripetaReview google chrome extension, you (and many of us over at Ripeta) may have noticed, or been alarmed by, the data sharing notice that appears before agreeing to add the extension to your browser.

So, what does this notice mean? Why is it needed? And, most importantly, what does Ripeta do with your data?

What does the notice mean?

The data sharing notice that appears before adding a chrome extension is a generic message created by Google for most extensions in the Google Chrome Webstore, but excluding more simple extensions such as Google Hangout. It is designed to declare the permissions the application needs in order to function properly. On the back-end, the permission is simply called “scripting.”

Why are the permissions needed?

The notice sounds daunting, and it should. The permissions notice gives consumers pause before downloading extensions from the internet. It allows users to reassess how much they trust the app, and decide whether or not they want to permit access to their information. For more information on how and why Google Chrome utilizes permissions, check out this article on How-To Geek.

What does Ripeta do with your data?

Ripeta is a company built for and based in Trust. Our products and services are designed to scan and assess the trustworthiness of research, and provide users with the information they need to determine whether or not a resource should be questioned. Our values are centered on supporting transparent and clean practices among researchers, funders, institutions, publishers, and most importantly, ourselves. Because of this, we promise not to use or change any of your data beyond the basic operating needs of the ripetaReview chrome extension. 

We encourage you to read our Privacy Policy as well as the Terms and Conditions of our website and the ripetaReview app for a more detailed description of the app’s data uses.

We also encourage you to reach out to our team with any further questions you may have about how and why we use your data. Visit our website at ripeta.com for more information.



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