Learn the types of manuscript DOIs the ripetaReview Chrome extension scans for, and what to do if your paper should scan, but does not.


The ripetaReview chrome extension demo is early in development, and we are limited in the licensing of the manuscripts we can accept due to current legal restrictions.

Compatible Manuscripts

The current version of the ripetaReview Chrome extension demo scans manuscripts with the creative commons attribution of:

  • CC-BY 
  • CC0

See these resources for more information on CC-BY attribution and CC0 attribution.

Where can I find this information?

While every journal is formatted differently, the licensing for the manuscript can usually be found in the copyright notice and in the sidebar of the article. 


My manuscript fits the requirements, but still does not scan

If you have checked that your manuscript is either CC-BY or CC-0 and still does not scan, then there is a good chance that the article’s licensing is not being correctly reflected in the metadata, or that our systems have a problem parsing and analyzing the paper. Either way, you can send your article to info@ripeta.com and we can attempt to manually enter it into our system. Depending on our workload, this may take up to 3 business days to complete.


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