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Scale your integrity checks
Ensure data compliance and author integrity
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With Dimensions Research Integrity preCheck, you can monitor, in real time, the quality and integrity of submitted articles and their authors.

With Dimensions Research Integrity Dataset, you can benchmark your historic performance across key indicators.

Create your own dashboards and reports, combined with your own internal data.

Augment your existing editorial workflow and review process with Dimensions Research Integrity preCheck. Easy to implement and easy to use, Dimensions Research Integrity preCheck checks manuscripts for indicators of robust scientific reporting, which we call trust markers.

  • Pre-submission: give authors access to insights about the trust markers in their manuscript.
  • Post-submission: send reports on submitted manuscripts to editorial staff, authors, or both.
  • Post-publication: the presence or absence of trust markers in tens of millions of published papers is now available to analyse in Dimensions. Talk to us about whether your papers are already analysed, and what you can do to increase trust in the research you publish.