Funders need to understand how their investments work for them, and how policies manifest in practice. Through our automated checks or through our individualized consulting services, you can better understand the quality of the papers you are funding and how your policies fit the ever changing industry.

We can assess your portfolio with ripetaReport to provide you with an in depth review of your current projects. We also recommend using ripetaReview to help your researchers produce a more publishable paper by checking for key quality indicators.

  • Know your research, protect your reputation
  • Evaluate your policies in practice

ripetaReport: The ripetaReport provides a concise snapshot or baseline review of key reproducibility and responsible reporting variables across a period for a specific journal, publisher, funding agency, or portfolio.

Case Study

In September 2020, Ripeta partnered with Wellcome to do a ripetaReport for a retrospective analysis of the change in public access and data sharing between 2016 and 2019.

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