Institutions need better science done faster. Supporting researchers while bolstering institutional reputations, ripeta tools can better position researchers to publish higher integrity research and provide faculty a lens into their academic publications.

The ripetaReview provides your researchers automated checks on key research quality indicators bolstering the chances for publication and citations. The ripetaReport provides metrics for your institutional insight on open science and quality criteria to make decisions and provide information to funders.

  • Check researchers’ manuscripts in minutes
  • Promote ethical, quality reporting practices
  • Highlight missing quality indicators
  • Provide analysis, feedback and recommendations to enhance your manuscript

ripetaReview: The ripetaReview quickly scans any research manuscript identifying key reproducibility and responsible reporting quality indicators that indicate trust in the research, professionalism, and reproducibility of the work.

ripetaReport: the ripetaReport provides a concise snapshot of key reproducibility and responsible reporting indicators across a corpus of articles for a specific journal, publisher, funding agency, or portfolio.

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