The publishers’ goal is to speed up the accuracy of science and to get more citations. Through these automated checks, you can better understand the quality of the papers you are receiving or reviewing. You also have the option to give that information back to the author and/or to the editors to streamline the process, and in turn, perform better and faster science.

We customise our products to best fit your workflow. For example, we could have a ripetaReview button on the submission site so that the author can automatically check their manuscript before they submit it. The ripetaScore can go directly to the authors or directly to the editors for decision-making.

  • Improve peer-review
  • Streamline and scale quality checks

ripetaReport: The ripetaReport provides a concise snapshot or baseline review of key reproducibility and responsible reporting variables across a period for a specific journal, publisher, funding agency, or portfolio.

ripetaReview: The ripetaReview quickly scans any research manuscript identifying key reproducibility and responsible reporting quality indicators that indicate trust in the research, professionalism, and reproducibility of the work.

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