Ripeta data processors

Ripeta may engage the entities listed below to assist it in connection with its products and services, including to provide hosting and infrastructure services and customer and technical support and which may therefore involve the processing of personal data. Where you are an institution or organization, and we are processing that personal data as your “processor” (as defined in the GDPR), such entities will be considered “subprocessors”.

Service Provider Name Location Function
Amazon Web Services US Hosting
Google Cloud Platform US Hosting
Google Workspace US Customer support and service messages
Digital Science & Research SRL Romania Technical support / development
DS Digital Science GmbH Germany Technical support / development
Sentry US Error tracking (?)


Comprehensive List of Ripeta’s 3rd party Tools & Apps

Green highlighting = 3rd Party app/tool to include on website listing

 Other project dependencies

Postgres   (PostgreSQL)
Vagrant   (MIT)

Infrastructure and Dev-ops:

Google Cloud Platform project 396045150102 – ripeta-automation (proprietary software, license does not apply)
Google Cloud Platform project 51097172751 – ripeta-data-science (proprietary software, license does not apply)
Circle-CI – (proprietary software and MIT)
Kubernetes  (Apache 2.0)
Docker-compose  (Apache 2.0)

Administrative SaaS:

Elasticsearch Cloud (proprietary software, license does not apply)
OnePassword  – (not part of our codebase, license does not apply)
ZenHub – (not part of our codebase, license does not apply)

Core code structure

Python v3.6  (PSF)
Django 1.11 (BSD)
Postgres 11.4 (PostgreSQL)
Yii2 Basic  (BSD)
Gunicorn 19.9 (MIT)

Data Analysis and Statistical Reporting:
    Python requirements.txt for data analysis tools 

json 2.0.9 (PSF)
requests 2.21.0 (Apache-2.0)

    Other data analysis dependencies

Dimcli – Dimensions API Client (v0.6.9.2)  (MIT)
R version 3.5.1   (GPL-2.0)
rio_0.5.16   (GPL-2.0)
pwr_1.2-2   (GPL-2.0)
plotly_4.9.2   (MIT)
htmlwidgets_1.5.1  (MIT + file LICENSE)
readxl_1.2.0   (GPL-2.0)
magick_2.2   (MIT)
jsonlite_1.6.1   (MIT)
rcrossref_1.0.0   (MIT)
tidyverse_1.2.1  (GPL-3 | file LICENSE)
RColorBrewer_1.1-2  (Apache-2.0)
scales_1.0.0   (MIT)
Officer_0.3.8   (GPL-3)

Libraries and Packages: 

    Python requirements.txt for ripeta API (back-end)

boto3==1.13.7    (Apache License 2.0)
chardet==3.0.4   (LGPL)
dj-database-url==0.4.2  (BSD)
Django==1.11.5  (BSD)
django-cors-headers==2.1.0  (MIT License)
django-environ==0.4.5  (MIT)
django-polymorphic==1.3  (BSD)
django-rest-auth==0.9.3  (MIT)
djangorestframework==3.6.4  (BSD)
dnspython==1.15.0  (BSD-like)
elasticsearch-dsl>=7.0.0,<8.0.0  (Apache License 2.0)
email-validator==1.0.2  CC0 (copyright waived)
factory-boy==2.9.2   (MIT)
Faker==0.8.3   (MIT)
gunicorn==19.9.0   (MIT)
h5py==2.9.0   (BSD)
idna==2.6  (BSD-like)
jsonfield==2.0.2   (MIT)
markdown==2.6.11   (BSD)
nltk==3.4.5    (Apache License 2.0)
numpy==1.16.4   (BSD)
pluginbase==0.5   (BSD)
psycopg2==  (LGPL)
Pygments==2.2.0   (BSD)
python-dateutil==2.6.1  (Simplified BSD)
pytz==2017.2   (MIT)
spacy==2.1.8   (MIT)
tensorflow==1.8.0    (Apache License 2.0)
textract==1.6.3   (MIT)
whitenoise==4.1.3   (MIT)

# ingest
bs4==0.0.1   (MIT)
beautifulsoup4==4.8.0   (MIT)
lxml==4.2.4   (BSD)
pycryptodome==3.7.0    Apache Software License, BSD License, Public Domain (BSD, Public Domain, Apache)
requests==2.20.0    (Apache License 2.0)
habanero==0.6.0   (MIT)
boto3==1.13.7   (Apache License 2.0)

# dev hygiene
black==19.3b0   (MIT)
flake8==3.7.8   (MIT)
pre-commit==1.18.3   (MIT)
ptvsd==4.3.2   (MIT)

# harvester cloud access
google-cloud-storage==1.28.1 (Apache License 2.0)
cloudstorage==0.10.1   (MIT)

Libraries and Packages (continued):
    Requirements for Data Science tools (Preprocessing API, Model API/CLI, Composite API):

Python==3.6    (PSF)
Prodigy==1.10.4 (Prodigy)
Spacy   (MIT)
Google Cloud Platform  (TOS)
Docker   (EULA)
Postgresql   (PostgreSQL)
Django   (BSD)
Docker-compose  (Apache 2.0)
Kubernetes  (Apache 2.0)

      Python Libraries

flask   (BSD)
wasabi   (MIT)
gunicorn   (MIT)
spacy   (MIT)
requests  (Apache 2.0)
SQLAlchemy   (MIT)
Ipython   (BSD)
Klepto  (BSD)
psycopg2  (LGPL)
requests (Apache-2.0)
pipenv  (MIT)
google-cloud-storage (Apache License 2.0)
djangorestframework  (BSD)
django-rest-auth  (MIT)
flake8  (MIT)

      Requirements for ripetaReview

auth0/auth0-spa-js: 1.18.0
fortawesome/fontawesome-svg-core: 1.2.36
fortawesome/free-brands-svg-icons: 5.15.4
fortawesome/free-regular-svg-icons: 5.15.4
fortawesome/free-solid-svg-icons: 5.15.4
fortawesome/react-fontawesome: 0.1.15
fullcalendar/bootstrap: 5.9.0
fullcalendar/daygrid: 5.9.0
fullcalendar/react: 5.9.0
fullcalendar/timegrid: 5.9.0
reduxjs/toolkit: 1.6.2
amazon-cognito-identity-js: 5.2.0
apexcharts: 3.28.3
availity-reactstrap-validation: 2.7.1
axios: 0.22.0
axios-mock-adapter: 1.20.0
bootstrap: 5.1.2
chart.js: 2.9.4
classnames: 2.3.1
faker: 5.5.3
firebase: 9.1.1
formik: 2.2.9
google-map-react: 2.1.10
history: 5.0.1
i18next: 21.2.4
jsonwebtoken: 8.5.1
jwt-decode: 3.1.2
moment: 2.29.1
notyf: 3.10.0
react: 17.0.2
react-apexcharts: 1.3.9
react-app-polyfill: 2.0.0
react-bootstrap: 2.0.0-beta.6
react-bootstrap-table-next: 4.0.3
react-chartjs-2: 2.11.2
react-datetime: 3.1.1
react-dom: 17.0.2
react-dragula: 1.1.17
react-feather: 2.0.9
react-helmet-async: 1.1.2
react-i18next: 11.12.0
react-input-mask: 2.0.4
react-jvectormap: 0.0.16
react-perfect-scrollbar: 1.5.8
react-popper: 2.2.5
react-quill: 2.0.0-beta.4
react-redux: 7.2.5
react-redux-toastr: 7.6.6
react-router-dom: 5.1
react-select: 5.1.0
react-syntax-highlighter: 15.4.4
react-table: 7.7.0
react-transition-group: 4.4.2
reactstrap: 9.0.1
smartwizard: 5.1.1
web-vitals: 2.1.1
yup: 0.32.9
eslint-config-prettier: 8.3.0
eslint-plugin-prettier: 4.0.0
npm-run-all: 4.1.5
postcss: 8.3.9
postcss-cli: 9.0.1
prettier: 2.4.1
react-scripts: 4.0.3
sass: 1.42.1
chokidar: 3.5.2
chokidar-cli: 3.0.0


asgiref: 3.3.4
certifi: 2020.12.5
chardet: 4.0.0
django: 3.2
django-cors-headers: 3.7.0
django-environ: 0.4.5
djangorestframework: 3.12.4
google-api-core: 1.26.3
google-api-python-client: 2.1.0
google-auth: 1.28.0
google-auth-httplib2: 0.1.0
google-auth-oauthlib: 0.4.4
googleapis-common-protos: 1.53.0
httplib2: 0.19.1
idna: 2.10
oauthlib: 3.1.0
packaging: 20.9
protobuf: 3.15.7
pyasn1: 0.4.8
pyasn1-modules: 0.2.8
pyparsing: 2.4.7
pytz: 2021.1
requests: 2.25.1
requests-oauthlib: 1.3.0
rsa: 4.7.2
six: 1.15.0
sqlparse: 0.4.1
uritemplate: 3.0.1
urllib3: 1.26.4

Libraries and Packages (continued): 

     PHP Framework and vendor packages for repeat-fore (old front-end)
         PHP >= 5.4.0

2amigos/yii2-arrayquery-component    1.0.3     BSD-3-Clause
asofter/yii2-imperavi-redactor       0.0.3     BSD-3-Clause
behat/gherkin                        v4.6.2    MIT
bower-asset/bootstrap                v3.4.1    MIT
bower-asset/inputmask                3.3.11
bower-asset/jquery                   3.5.1     MIT
bower-asset/jquery-ui                1.12.1    MIT
bower-asset/punycode                 v1.3.2    none
bower-asset/typeahead.js             v0.11.1   none
bower-asset/x-editable               1.5.1     none
bower-asset/yii2-pjax         MIT
cebe/markdown                        1.2.1     MIT
codeception/base                     2.5.6     MIT
codeception/phpunit-wrapper          7.8.0     MIT
codeception/specify                  0.4.6     MIT
codeception/stub                     2.1.0     MIT
codeception/verify                   0.3.3     MIT
codemix/yii2-streamlog               1.3.1     MIT
doctrine/instantiator                1.3.1     MIT
ezyang/htmlpurifier                  v4.13.0   LGPL-2.1-or-later
fzaninotto/faker                     v1.9.1    MIT
guzzlehttp/psr7                      1.6.1     MIT
kartik-v/bootstrap-fileinput         v5.1.1    BSD-3-Clause
kartik-v/bootstrap-star-rating       v4.0.6    BSD-3-Clause
kartik-v/dependent-dropdown          v1.4.9    BSD-3-Clause
kartik-v/yii2-bootstrap4-dropdown    v1.0.1    BSD-3-Clause
kartik-v/yii2-dialog                 v1.0.5    BSD-3-Clause
kartik-v/yii2-grid                   v3.3.5    BSD-3-Clause
kartik-v/yii2-krajee-base            v2.0.5    BSD-3-Clause
kartik-v/yii2-mpdf                   v1.0.6    BSD-3-Clause
kartik-v/yii2-widget-activeform      v1.5.8    BSD-3-Clause
kartik-v/yii2-widget-affix           v1.0.0    BSD 3-Clause
kartik-v/yii2-widget-alert           v1.1.1    BSD 3-Clause
kartik-v/yii2-widget-colorinput      v1.0.5    BSD-3-Clause
kartik-v/yii2-widget-datepicker      v1.4.7    BSD-3-Clause
kartik-v/yii2-widget-datetimepicker  v1.4.9    BSD-3-Clause
kartik-v/yii2-widget-depdrop         v1.0.6    BSD-3-Clause
kartik-v/yii2-widget-fileinput       v1.0.9    BSD-3-Clause
kartik-v/yii2-widget-growl           v1.1.1    BSD 3-Clause
kartik-v/yii2-widget-rangeinput      v1.0.2    BSD-3-Clause
kartik-v/yii2-widget-rating          v1.0.4    BSD-3-Clause
kartik-v/yii2-widget-select2         v2.1.7    BSD-3-Clause
kartik-v/yii2-widget-sidenav         v1.0.0    BSD 3-Clause
kartik-v/yii2-widget-spinner         v1.0.1    BSD-3-Clause
kartik-v/yii2-widget-switchinput     v1.3.1    BSD 3-Clause
kartik-v/yii2-widget-timepicker      v1.0.4    BSD-3-Clause
kartik-v/yii2-widget-touchspin       v1.2.3    BSD-3-Clause
kartik-v/yii2-widget-typeahead       v1.0.4    BSD-3-Clause
kartik-v/yii2-widgets                v3.4.1    BSD-3-Clause
mpdf/mpdf                            v8.0.6    GPL-2.0-only
myclabs/deep-copy                    1.10.1    MIT
nesbot/carbon                        2.36.1    MIT
paragonie/random_compat              v9.99.99  MIT
paulzi/yii2-adjacency-list           v2.2.0    MIT
paulzi/yii2-sortable                 v1.0.2    MIT
phar-io/manifest                     1.0.3     BSD-3-Clause
phar-io/version                      2.0.1     BSD-3-Clause
phpdocumentor/reflection-common      2.2.0     MIT
phpdocumentor/reflection-docblock    5.1.0     MIT
phpdocumentor/type-resolver          1.3.0     MIT
phpoption/phpoption                  1.7.4     Apache-2.0
phpspec/php-diff                     v1.1.0    BSD-3-Clause
phpspec/prophecy                     1.11.1    MIT
phpunit/php-code-coverage            6.1.4     BSD-3-Clause
phpunit/php-file-iterator            2.0.2     BSD-3-Clause
phpunit/php-text-template            1.2.1     BSD-3-Clause
phpunit/php-timer                    2.1.2     BSD-3-Clause
phpunit/php-token-stream             3.1.1     BSD-3-Clause
phpunit/phpunit                      7.5.20    BSD-3-Clause
psr/container                        1.0.0     MIT
psr/http-message                     1.0.1     MIT
psr/log                              1.1.3     MIT
ralouphie/getallheaders              3.0.3     MIT
sebastian/code-unit-reverse-lookup   1.0.1     BSD-3-Clause
sebastian/comparator                 3.0.2     BSD-3-Clause
sebastian/diff                       3.0.2     BSD-3-Clause
sebastian/environment                4.2.3     BSD-3-Clause
sebastian/exporter                   3.1.2     BSD-3-Clause
sebastian/global-state               2.0.0     BSD-3-Clause
sebastian/object-enumerator          3.0.3     BSD-3-Clause
sebastian/object-reflector           1.1.1     BSD-3-Clause
sebastian/recursion-context          3.0.0     BSD-3-Clause
sebastian/resource-operations        2.0.1     BSD-3-Clause
sebastian/version                    2.0.1     BSD-3-Clause
select2/select2                      4.0.13    MIT
setasign/fpdi                        v2.3.3    MIT
swiftmailer/swiftmailer              v5.4.12   MIT
symfony/browser-kit                  v4.4.10   MIT
symfony/console                      v4.4.10   MIT
symfony/css-selector                 v4.4.10   MIT
symfony/dom-crawler                  v4.4.10   MIT
symfony/event-dispatcher             v4.4.10   MIT
symfony/event-dispatcher-contracts   v1.1.9    MIT
symfony/finder                       v4.4.10   MIT
symfony/polyfill-ctype               v1.17.1   MIT
symfony/polyfill-mbstring            v1.17.1   MIT
symfony/polyfill-php73               v1.17.1   MIT
symfony/polyfill-php80               v1.17.1   MIT
symfony/service-contracts            v2.1.3    MIT
symfony/translation                  v5.1.2    MIT
symfony/translation-contracts        v2.1.3    MIT
symfony/yaml                         v4.4.10   MIT
theseer/tokenizer                    1.1.3     BSD-3-Clause
vlucas/phpdotenv                     v3.6.6    BSD-3-Clause
webmozart/assert                     1.9.1     MIT
yii2mod/yii2-behaviors               2.0       MIT
yii2mod/yii2-comments                2.0       MIT
yii2mod/yii2-editable                1.5       MIT
yii2mod/yii2-enum                    1.7.1     MIT
yii2mod/yii2-moderation              1.2       MIT
yii2mod/yii2-rbac                    2.3       MIT
yiisoft/yii2                         2.0.36    BSD-3-Clause
yiisoft/yii2-authclient              2.1.8     BSD-3-Clause
yiisoft/yii2-bootstrap               2.0.10    BSD-3-Clause
yiisoft/yii2-composer                2.0.10    BSD-3-Clause
yiisoft/yii2-debug                   2.0.14    BSD-3-Clause
yiisoft/yii2-faker                   2.0.4     BSD-3-Clause
yiisoft/yii2-gii                     2.0.8     BSD-3-Clause
yiisoft/yii2-httpclient              2.0.12    BSD-3-Clause
yiisoft/yii2-jui                     2.0.7     BSD-3-Clause
yiisoft/yii2-swiftmailer             2.0.7     BSD-3-Clause