We check for quality indicators in three areas.

Research: We check for signals of a research paper to differentiate between research and, for example, a commentary. We would expect a clear study objective, headers, and more for a high-quality research paper. 

Professionalism: We perform checks of the authorship, affiliation, ethical statement, and funders present in a manuscript.

Reproducibility: We know it’s not always possible to share data and code, but those are some of the critical indicators of reproducibility.

Trust in...Quality IndicatorDefinition
ReproducibilityAnalysis SoftwareThe specific software that the author used to conduct their data analyses.
ReproducibilityCode Availability StatementA statement that explains how or if one can access a study’s code (in its own individual section offset from the main body of text or part of Disclosures or DAS).
ReproducibilityData Availability Statement (DAS)A statement (offset from main text) detailing access to a study’s data. 

Note: If there is data availability information in a “Supplementary/supporting information/ materials” section, it is not a DAS though it may relate to “Data Location.” 
ReproducibilityRepositoriesA location that stores, organizes, allows access to, and preserves data. Common repositories are Dryad Digital Repository, Figshare, Harvard Dataverse, and Zenodo.
ProfessionalismAuthor Contribution StatementA statement detailing each author’s role in the development and publication of the manuscript.
ProfessionalismCompeting Interests StatementA statement acknowledging any interests of the authors that may not be fully apparent and that could impact the authors’ judgment about the study topic, including information about funding, past or current employment, or stocks owned by one of the authors.
ProfessionalismEthical Approval StatementStatement of where ethical approval for a study was obtained - especially for studies with human or animal subjects.
ProfessionalismFunding StatementA statement within the manuscript indicating whether or not the authors received funding for their research.


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